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AeB packages

This page lists packages which work with AeB.

eqExam can create exams, multi-part exams,tests, quizzes, and homework assignments for paper, with points in the left or right margins (or both), totals for each page optionally shown at the bottom corner of each page. Questions can be objective, fill-in, true/false or multiple choice. Solutions can optionally be included in the source file, and by changings options, can be displayed (for an answer key), in a couple of different ways. When one of the PDF options is used and the exam is converted to PDF, form fields are created to enable the student to fill in the exam online.

For further information on eqExam please also check the eqExam website and try the AeB Blog: the original demo files and the new demo files.

eqExam package (200 KB)
eqExam is a stand alone package, but if you want to use the pdf, links, online or email options, you need the AcroTeX Bundle, the latest version.
AeB Tiling Backgrounds (2.3 MB)
This package is a simple application of established packages graphicx, multido and AeB Web. The package takes a rectangular graphic and uses it to tile the background of the pages.