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AeB Pro

The methods and API (Application Programming Interface) used in AeB are quite general, they can be used to produce interactive PDF using any of the methods commonly available to the LaTeX community (such as pdftex, dvipdfm, dvips and dvipsone). AeB Pro is designed for users of Adobe® Acrobat® 7 Professional or later, and who produce PDF using Acrobat® Distiller®.

With AeB Pro, you have complete control over

the initial view of the PDF document

document and page actions

fullscreen mode and the setting of transitions effects

Through the LaTeX source file, you can

attach documents to the PDF or even create a PDF wrapper

create links to the attached PDFs

create links to extract embedded files to view or to save

Post-distillation document assembly using JavaScript for Acrobat® API is also supported. On the authoring end of the workflow, there is basic support for Optional Content Groups (OCGs or layers) which can be used for rollover effects and animations AeB and AeB Pro truly deliver to authors and publishing houses all the features needed to create high-content, visually rich interactive documents. The use of AeB and AeB Pro is not restricted to interactive documents with textual content, the imaginative developer can create PDF based applications, examples of which found on this page (in the respective category) are APB, @EASE, eEnvelopes and PDF games.
Finally, AeB Pro acts as an 'AeB Control Central'. Conveniently input members of the AeB family through the central command controls. Specifying AeB family packages in this way ensures they are loaded in the proper order.

Get your copy of the AeB Pro now!. It's free!