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In this section you find a choice of different examples which use the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
Get convinced of the way the APB and the AeB team up to integrate interactive content in your presentation.

The AeB website
Check out this page for a huge choice of PDF files made with the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle

AeB and APB (AeB tutorial physics) (589 KB)
This is an exercise in physics in which one can jump from the questions to the solutions and back.

AeB quiz - screen version (376 KB)
A quiz with different kinds of solution possibilities. Solutions are animated.

AeB quiz - printable version (279 KB)
A "thumbnailed" version of the quiz above.

Test01 (90 KB)
Demo Exam generated with the eqExam package.

Multivariate Questions (112 KB)
This is an example for 'Fill-In' fields in a PDF. You can fill in text or mathematical expressions.

Exam with solutions (german) (839 KB)
This is an example where the user may toggle between problems and solutions. Just click on the red marked problem and you jump to the solution. Then click on the red marked text in the solution and you jump back to the problem.


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